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Staying on top of the news can be daunting these days. So read some fun news, informative pieces and industry trends from Douglas Marketing Group. 

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Mobile vs. Desktop

     It’s no secret that in the past two years our need for social connectedness has become dependent on digital platforms. And thanks to

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How Do You Rank?

     SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of formatting your site to increase visibility when users search for products and services related

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Virtual Spaces

     A virtual tour is a simulation of an existing business or location. Most commonly comprised of a remarkably smooth sequence of videos or

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Collaborative Tools

     Team collaboration is considered a cornerstone of success for all businesses. One study even showed that 86% of employees in leadership positions blame

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Designing With a Story

     Evoking emotion through impactful design converts. 95% of viewers reported that subconscious factors influenced their purchasing decisions. Storytelling is a powerful device not

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ASE Welcomes Six New Board Members

Troy, MI —March 3, 2021 — ASE, Michigan’s trusted HR partner and largest employer association, has added six new members to their Board of Directors for 2021.  Five members moved off the slate due

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