Designing With a Story

     Evoking emotion through impactful design converts. 95% of viewers reported that subconscious factors influenced their purchasing decisions. Storytelling is a powerful device not only for securing new business leads, but also to define your brand at a deeper, more personal level. In our fast-paced world, consistent stories are easier to remember and ultimately makes your brand more recognizable to consumers. With the addition of basic storytelling techniques in your strategy, you can create more effective campaigns that convert.


1. Imagery:

Let’s be real, online users do not have the patience to consume traditional media like they used to. And as we know, images can be a powerful way to capture your audience’s attention, in positive and negative ways. Visuals should have a strong relationship with goals of the specific campaign, otherwise it will just create visual noise and confuse the audience.

2. Micro Connections:

In a world of infinite choice, it’s important to note that as humans we retain information at a higher level when we feel connected to it. In design this means the campaign must be interesting enough to compel your audience to stop, stare, and engage. To achieve this, we must give the audience something to own and relate to, this produces a sense of familiarity and belonging which results in a cemented bond between the audience and the design. Look deeply into your brand and find ways to portray memories and comfort to stand out and build those micro-connections.

3. Keep it Simple:

There is truly no better way to say it than just keep it simple. Diluting your message with unnecessary elements works against you and produces mental clutter in your design, what shouldn’t be simple is your story. There should be flexibility and evolution within your story that allows you to maintain relevance and interest among your audience. Without flexibility, you will tell the same story in different formats and your audience will begin to tune you out.


     In summary, designing with a story creates an environment where your customer can recognize you without thinking twice. The ultimate goal is to build familiarity, stand out and create connection through effective design. Contact DMG to get your story written.