The best place to start is to have the end in mind.

The first step when it comes to marketing is mapping out the strategy which is your business’ overall game plan. This is where thinking BIG comes into play. We work closely with you to understand your business, understand the competition, develop a plan that is in keeping with your goals and objectives, integrate communications and outreach with online and traditional media for optimum results, and work with you to implement and continue to enhance the strategy.

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success begins with a plan

Boosting Performance

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Our Process

Online Analysis and Discovery
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Roadmap Development and Strategy
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Ongoing Strategic Support

Strategy & Planning

Strategy and planning go hand in hand. The strategy contains several elements such as branding, product portfolio, identifying the customer, flushing out key values, short- and long-term goals and what is the competitive advantage. Then, the team at DMG assists with the marketing plan and how to accomplish the goals. We map out how to get it done.

Strategic Partnerships

The best way to extend your reach is to educate, engage, and enlist like-minded organizations, associations, companies, products, and services. Our experience is that your plan is maximized when part of the strategy includes the development of reciprocal relationships. Our team takes pride in connecting and collecting opportunities and a strong network built over 30 years and powerful memberships with international organizations like tCAN, WBE, and WEconnect.

Advertising & Marketing Campaigns

Advertising and marketing campaigns are most effective with an exacting blend of the most appropriate communication channels for your intended audiences. Whether that is digital, direct mail, television and radio ads, and demonstrations, video conferencing, promotions integrating a fresh and direct message that speaks loudly of who you are and why you bring value is essential. Team DMG takes pride in creating internationally award-winning campaigns that present a fresh and targeted approach to move your message and reach you goals and objectives. Ready – AIM – Release a message on target!

Public Relations

Telling your story, why it matters, and sending that out is multilayered. The current opportunities for both traditional earned media and PR continue to become more important as we as a business world are in a large part staying connected through messaging and what we read.

Your key messages and moving them are an important tool in awareness, education, networking, recruitment, and retention. Your brand culture becomes a window to how and where you connect to the key stakeholders that can fuel your growth. DMG becomes a seamless partner to move your message.

Media Planning Strategy & Buying

The framework for an effective plan becomes the springboard for your outreach. The landscape of media 2020 must consider an integrated plan with key online components that reach your target audience where they are. Keeping in front of your existing clients/customers as well as attracting new opportunities requires an effective message, delivered at the right time to the right audience. It also is essential to have a process for monitoring and reporting the outcomes. This window allows for analysis and a continuous evaluation of the relevance of the message and results as we keep up with the speed of change.

Fund Development Campaigns

DMG has been at the front end of many successful Fund Development Campaigns that have exceeded expectations as they gained momentum with the communities that were engaged. A strong and hard-hitting message is key to starting the communications however the ingredient that takes the campaign to the next level is understanding of your donor base and how that fits with both sides of your objectives. From concept creation to an integrated approach that starts from the inside out DMG will develop, design, deploy, and create a plan that is a living document for ongoing success.