Traditional media takes on new meaning when combined and integrated with an online strategy that creates a push and pull strategy that drives interest, action and outcomes.

Charting your course within an integrated plan and strategy puts that path for budget allocation and tracking of outcomes by quarter. Targeted and timely media options include a blend online for traditional media however sponsorship, outdoor, print, TV and Radio and can strengthen and combine the reach.

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Radio is defined as a frequency medium, meaning listeners typically tune into a station regularly and form bonds with the on-air personalities, therefore enhancing the campaign messaging. A variety of radio formats will allow for messaging to be created that is a reflection of a station’s format and further their audience. Radio advertising provides the opportunity to reach an audience at specific times of the day when there is a higher audience, by selecting dayparts such as the morning and afternoon drive and news. 

Newspapers – Community, National and Online

Community newspapers provide content relevant to local areas and specific cultural groups.  This key benefit allows us to target communications to a defined market or community to generate awareness of events and success of students/school in a specific community.

OOH and Transit Ads

High reach and frequency statistics are among the key benefits of outdoor advertising.  A mass medium that capitalizes on a person’s routine travel on a daily basis to and from work etc, therefore increasing the number of times exposed to the message.  This medium is best serving for our secondary audiences (Parents, relatives etc.) on their daily commute


The lasting power and shelf life of print are high and it is easy for consumers to see. Print medium is losing ground with many younger audiences but has remained stable with our older target audience. In a smaller market, local publications are a trusted source for local information and a valuable tool for placed and earned media.

Social Media Marketing

Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc., have become a hub for public and professional communication. Social media allows businesses to hone in on a specific target through identified metrics (age, location, interest) to get increase ROI.

The ability to remarket and target people seeking information with regard to the services offered allows for direct communication and interest at a time that is relevant for the audience.

Direct Mail

Leveraging the your customer data base, a direct mail piece to your client ensures communications are not forgotten. Including a call to action that generates awareness of the ongoing events and resources as well as great way to build a last customer relationship with loyalty programs and special offers.


TV is a compelling medium to boost brand image, presenting the viewer with an audio and visual perception of your brand. The ability this medium has to appeal to our senses contributes to the increased retention of your message.

New trends in TV buying provide the benefits of traditional television and the targeting opportunities of digital media. Over the top television or connected TV, provides access to audiences streaming content on their living room TV or their devices. Targeting by behaviour, interest, online behaviour as well as specific geography.