Great designs are the results of research, vision, and a passion to develop something the world has not seen before. Taking what is imagined and making it real in a presentation that speaks of the purpose.

Strategy. Research. Technique. Vision. Passion and Creativity.

good design speaks for itself

Brand Identity & Development

Logo Design

Graphic Design & Production

Corporate Branding & Positioning

Professional Photography

Our Process

Online Analysis and Discovery
Customer Experience Research
Roadmap Development and Strategy
Quality Assurance & Optimization
Ongoing Strategic Support

Brand Identity and Development

Your brand is your message and expresses your culture in a visual story that unfolds with intention. A brand is more than an icon it is a beacon that shines your story clearly.

Logo Design

Color, shape, motion, form and ultimately function. Each stroke, colors, shapes and type come together or separately to create unique representation of what represents a person, a company, an organization or a cause. A logo should tell in an instant the viewer what to expect from the brand. Traditional, forward thinking, progressive, historic each unfold with the visual representation that best suits the story.

Graphic Design & Production

We have an instant to engage our audiences and with the increasing primary communication interaction online the use of effective graphics, layout and a guided visual must demand immediate attention and speak to clients and intended target audiences. DMG integrates strategic design that translates across communication channels and is adapted for the purpose of print, web, virtual, tours, email communications and templates.

Stationary and Collateral Design

Form take on a new meaning when applied to both print and online forms and materials. Your brand story becomes stronger with each piece of communications and its ability to link both to your culture and the intended targeted audiences.

Corporate Branding and Positioning

Where you are, where you’ve been and where you are going can be outlined in an instant with on-brand imagery, video, photographs that represent the people, places, and practices of the company. Your outreaching materials must consistently represent your brand position and personality. Effectively positioned can also be adapted from an overall look and feel to sub-brands and varied target audiences. We speak to board motivating factors and people relate to the imagery that speaks to them. Speak in a language they understand and say it out loud!

Professional Photography

In a world of rotating imagery, the use of stock imagery has a place however creating photographs specific to your people, place, and products are important in communicating the operations and allowing your audience to see behind the curtain. Stylized, vibrant, strong, and photographs that show personality add to your brand story.