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Engage your customers with virtual experiences.

Capturing and sharing virtual experiences doesn’t have to be complicated, DMG has got you covered. We have options available that will create impact and add value for viewers, whether it’s an interactive product showcase, a guided tour or a fully immersive virtual-reality experience.

Think Big!

Think outside of the box.

Want to show how a new engine design works, host a virtual open house, or create a digital interactive art gallery? Your vision comes to life with virtual experiences.

Learn how you can interact with a virtual tour and enhance a user journey with many features and options.

A virtual experience
can help you:

• Create meaningful experiences that make your brand stand out.

• Make a detailed and intricate concept more understandable.

• Showcase project progress, future stages and deliverables.

• Train and engage team members through virtual platforms.

• Create virtual storefronts to showcase and promote products.

• Use virtual environments to win your next pitch.

Online is your first impression.

Make a statement with your first impression by creating a virtual experience. 

Front and centre, there is no other form of media that connects directly with your audience in a personal and intimate way. Creating online campaigns that are respectful of the entry point while moving your message requires design that is data driven. Clean, clear, and to the point messages create interest and invite your audience to take action. Objectives link with design to deliver messaging that is on point and positioned for outcomes. Create a compelling online platform with a digital strategy that is linked to success, tracked for performance and has a wow factor.

An integrated approach to marketing.


• Strategy and Planning

• Marketing Innovation

• Online Marketing

• Media Planning & Public Relations

• Creative Solutions

• Partnership Development

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