Connecting people, places and purpose in a way that expands the possible beyond what any individual could do.

Collaboration and connectivity are essential to actualize networks of communication that make outreach to unlimited levels. There are no budgets that are large enough to do what a committed group of likeminded people with common goals can do. DMG prides itself in seeing the Big Picture and how and who can be engaged to maximize messaging.

Strategic Partnerships that Work

Canadian Mental Health Windsor Essex

Children’s Foundation of Michigan

St. Clair College of Applied Arts and Technology

Common Goals and Objectives

Coming from different industries, company purpose, government, media and associations all benefit from aligning with partners that can push messages that complement each other. This is most useful when applied to online outreach, content development and education, engagement and enlistment of large groups of people.

Like-Minded Companies and Causes

Vision, mission and purpose strengthen organization and companies and are also a clear indicator of potential partners that can become actualized as a network for communication and growth.

Fund Development That Works With Partnership Outreach

People are seeking opportunity to effect change and to influence positive outcomes. Not for profit organizations all have unique offerings and messages that have a defined and distinct opportunity to link with people that are committed to success. Outreach to other communicators who are made up of people who care and care to get involved create extensive opportunities for many reasons. Community, commitment, personal experience can drive conversation, action and outcomes.

Structured Referral Networks

Associations and organizations present cross-linking opportunities however so do companies with access to a wealth of information, data, and knowledge. Creating structured programs to link and share weaved into a marketing strategy creates an extension of resources.

Online Portals and Web-Based Resources

Technology moves at the speed of change and becomes a framework for the development of online resource and a showcase environment with unlimited potential to engage partnerships that produce results for all parties.