Reinforcing the Human Connection

The ancient Greek philosopher, Aristotle, defines a life worth living as one with relationships. And in marketing, this continues to be true. Tapping into the emotional needs of your consumer is one of the most effective ways to build a relationship and human connection. Hosting events and interacting with customers in-store is how brands could translate excitement and belonging to their consumers. However, marketing during a pandemic has forced a change in how we achieve that emotional connection. As a result, companies had to shift operations. Making digital interactions essential and utilizing the evolution of technology to seamlessly work and live remotely. As a population, this was a revolutionary time. However, there were consequences. In-person interactions have been significantly reduced, and humanity is struggling with the lack of human connection. How can we nourish this undeniably necessary piece of our human nature?


Connecting is not just about a common interest, it is about choosing to engage. Human behaviour is simple. It takes effort, acceptance, and connection. Taking time to build relationships with customers on a personal level is invaluable. Sharing real stories that create interactions and personalize the customer experience creates an opportunity to establish long lasting relationships. This can be done through authenticity with your co-workers, or through content and messaging from your brand. Creating meaningful conversations and content is the empathetic approach that humans need, especially in this society.


Touch base without an agenda. Build a relationship on a foundation that is honest and understanding. This makes an impactful difference and shows that you genuinely care. Simply asking a co-worker how their weekend was or replying to a customer’s message can create a lasting, positive effect on that person. As we continually adapt to changes of social distancing, using more advanced technology, and embracing social media to stay interconnected we need to be patient with each other. In modern society interactions are mediated by technology and we are feeling disconnection even when surrounded by people. Leaving us longing for human connection even more.

In summary, people are tired of the virtual life. The excitement of working from home, embracing new technology and new ways to communicate has faded. What appears to connect us is creating a greater divide – be mindful and aware when you feel alone. Social media keeps us linked together giving the allure of being connected but our reliance on social media isn’t always fulfilling and can create even more disconnectedness.  We are social creatures that crave human contact. Take the time to nourish your soul and your brand with human connection, it is more valuable than you think.