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We celebrate our unique geography Windsor-Detroit as a key advantage. Seeing beyond the borders we recognize the opportunities that are presented regardless of how they are packaged. DMG identifies how we can move the message for business success, cross industries, cross borders, and cross promotions. We bridge opportunity!

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We are a full-service agency that is integrated with technology to produce results for your business.


The journey starts long before the first step is taken. Strategy is the strength of a plan that considers all perspectives. A creative approach that combines creative thinking with a critical path. All roads point to the desired results and are well thought out. DMG prepares a comprehensive roadmap that your team will enjoy the journey when getting there is the only option.


A good design follows clear principles. A great design transforms the story into compelling imagery that speaks of understanding and puts the images to work for the brand. Creativity is to show the world something they have not seen before in a way that excites, educates, and creates a picture.


Today, first impressions are online - from social media to website design - invite the viewer to see who you are, what you do, how you do it and why it matters. The relationship starts with the first click - guide those steps and create your story, an experience that engages and enlists action.


A strategic, targeted, and integrated plan and purchase position your message to speak to the intended audience. The DMG advantage of experience and exceptional relationships working as part of your team to plan, place, and report the outcomes against objectives.

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Connecting the dots includes connecting the people that can facilitate the reach of your message. Relationships take many forms, and provide an endless resource for the collaboration. We have found that the best way to move your message is to develop strategic partners across all media communications and online where like-minded companies can work together to achieve results-driven outcomes. COLLABORATION is a capital approach, one that we have been developing since 1991.

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The DMG Big Picture Landscape® is a proprietary software that actualizes marketing plans into an easily assessable, from where you sit, visually driven road map.

Your campaign and approval process are all in one place for access and to serve as brand stewardship. Your plan becomes tactical when all parts are pointing in the same direction. Consistent, creative, compelling, and clearly identified are all ingredients of a strong brand story. Creativity is fully charged with DMG technology and a platform that serves as a runway for campaigns.



The speed of change.

SEO, SEM, CRM, KPI, ROI. Jargon to some however essential to be in front of the audiences you seek, when they are looking, with what they are looking for. The importance of a fully charged “mobile first” strategy is only possible with a clear understanding of your audience and a roadmap of how to get them with the right message.

Optimization on all levels of engagement with compelling fresh design coupled with content that speaks loud and clear in a language and approach that appeals to the intended audiences. Know who you are talking to and what is important to them.


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