Trans Canadian Advertising Network 2017 “Bend, don’t break” Conference

What an amazing group of people, incredible insight, speakers, location and total inspiration. It is wonderful to share the room with such talent and experience. TCAAN  is a shining example of collective strength that is inclusive of agency, media, corporate sponsorship and incredible hospitality. We leave the conference fully charged, stretched, nimble and focused. We are now armed with an updated understanding and expanded tool box only possible through the collective resources available to the group we bring back real value to each of our markets and a unique offering to our clients.

Just to share some of the highlights that crystalized the value of the membership.

Top Ten TCAAN Advantages for our clients

  1. Expanded resources across 24 agencies
  2. Collective experience and access to full and national disciplines
  3. Reach within markets across Canadian – National footprint
  4. Expanded network of corporate co-opportunity potential
  5. Diverse agency disciplines and perspectives
  6. World class speakers and education access
  7. Best practices resource and sharing of efficiencies
  8. Market Outreach through hands-on regional relationships
  9. Enhanced client understanding
  10. Industry trends, tools, technology and hot topics

How it works
TCAAN member agencies from across Canada- US meet to gain knowledge through world class speakers, workshops and member experience with collective strength and guided by industry standards and ethics.

2017 Bend don’t break Conference
Frank Palmer from DDB and Bob Stamnes from Elevator co-hosted this year with forward thinking sponsors who saw value in a collective network that stretches capabilities across Canada and beyond. The group of 24 agencies started in Vancouver, British Columbia, with meetings and speakers, made our way to Whistler for an extensive 2 days of speakers and an interactive workshop. The trip included, but was not limited to, a glimpse of the market and a taste of the exceptional hospitality and breathtakingly beautiful scenery.

Topics were relevant and riveting to cover a variety of key issues, sectors, industry trends, cathedral thinking, effective leadership, ROI, best practices, cross generational perspective, defining growingly complex and fluid landscape of communication streams. Let’s take a look behind the curtain, so to say and a first-hand perspective on industry from each regional partner. Building relationships, digital, virtual, traditional, on-line and the endless possibilities of super charged advertising when fueled with a return on innovation, inspiration, invention and intention not only allowed for therapeutic stretching but opened the door to unlimited opportunity. The group kept a keen focus on client success while facing the ever evident reality as the “Speed of Change” continues to accelerate.

The demand for collective approaches continues to increase in value and appreciation. This is music to our ears as we have built our philosophy around the value of joint initiatives in extending budgets and reach. The creative class has risen, in keeping with the conference theme, is levitating!
DMG had the opportunity to present our software to the group for feedback and potential outreach across Canada. DMG’s Big Picture Landscape®  and ROIALLY® return-on-investment software was introduced to industry peers making way for future discussion. Technology designed and created in our gateway to innovation and uniquely international region, Detroit-Windsor.

We are ready and enthusiastically embrace being an active member of TCAAN in moving the “New Normal” in fully engaged marketing forward. Go TCAAN ……. Bend, Stretch and grow stronger!

Thank you TCAAN!