TCAAN Trans Canadian Advertising Association Network in Vancouver 2017 conference “Bend don’t Break”

It will be wonderful to be reunited with these industry folks that I had met in 2002 and new ones now on board. The group is a collective Canadian network that, in a true fashion, is a resource that allows each member a national perspective and the strength of a unified resource.

Having made a quick stop over to attend my nieces high school graduation from St. Francis’ it was recharging to see all these young and hopeful minds in one place with the world ahead of them. Although the landscape of opportunity differs from 1978 when I graduated, the theme of “Bend Don’t Break” is applicable here as well. Whether seeking post-secondary education or being a continual student of life, stretching beyond where we are today is essential in our growth and in advertising our survival.

The “New Normal” in advertising is relationship based thinking with an emphasis on multiple channels of touch-points with consumers and an accountable and reportable structure for doing business. Although this requires operating on both sides of the brain, be the most creative and most accountable, it is a challenge that is not new to the industry. It also clearly defines strength as being acquired from the challenges we face. Innovation and invention does not happen from a place of complacency. Shaking it up helps when we can bend and stretch to reach further, think bigger, access assets, combine resources and create an environment that is 24 strong with one objective. Looking at our challenges as an opportunity to reinvent who we are and how things are done is terrifying to some, I am sure, however it is my guess that like me this group relishes change as a creative challenge, an equation for success that involves seeing it real, aligning resources and marching forward fully armed.

Funny to think what the uniform of this group might be but for sure it will be flexible. If in heels, also have work boots in tote, if in loafers, a pair of runners closes at hand. It conjures up visions of a door-to-door salesperson from the past, with suitcase loaded for battle and on a scooter or electric bike that can meet multiple terrains. Now put that person in virtual reality with training to be ninja-like, with cat-like reflexes, will also be essential. Well, whatever the image, it must create goodwill, build relationships, inspire and aspire and most of all deliver the goods in a fashion that equate to ROI. We will have lots to talk about to be sure.

Calgary New Connection

My first business acquaintance along the way was with the Neel Patrick Wignaraja, CFO of Hotel Arts Group in Calgary who shared insight on this wonderful boutique hotel that offer fine hospitality with fine arts. A must stop to stay or to enjoy the fine cuisine available.

The Conference Begins ……..TCAAN #BendDontBreak2017