Saying Goodbye to 2021 and Hello to 2022.

2021 was a landmark year for DMG in so many ways. It gave us the opportunity to look back over the past 30 years while looking ahead at the future. I found this plaque I had on my desk when we started the business in 1991 and the message has stayed with me ever since.

The Direction We Are Moving

Charting the course we have taken, even in brief, gave us the opportunity to think about the path and all the wonderful people we have known. The team may be different, but the vision is not. Douglas Marketing Group from its inception recognized that it requires a group of talented people bringing different talents together to deliver projects that are richer because of the diversity of skills and passion. Driven by results, we forge forward with integrity, strategy, and customer-focused that is collaborative, committed, and passionately delivered.

Many thanks to all our employees that are or were a part of the company. Each one of you created an imprint, influenced the course of the company showed us new or different perspectives. There is always a lesson in relationships that stay and those that move on. I couldn’t be prouder when I look at the places people have gone or the roles that each person filled with us or in their chosen path.

The evolution of the industry has dictated that we all learn to think differently, innovate, re-invent, become, let go of and above all else work together. This has never been more exercised than throughout the past two years both professionally and personally. Review, renew, evaluate, adapt, and innovate become the course. We have had significant losses of people, friends, and family, too many to mention, that have forever imprinted our perspective. However, we also have had the development of structure, relationships, innovation, creativity, and technology to support a dynamic workplace that is kinder, more flexible, accountable, and driven by integrity, creativity, and respect.

The biggest takeaway from this year is to live each day as a blessing and to trust that there is a lesson that will be revealed. Above all else, support each other in our challenges and successes, making certain that we do not lose sight that none of us are alone. We will always face challenges. It is not the challenge, as much as how we respond, react, and learn to move forward.

Thank you for the last 30 years – may we continue to grow and support each other in growing our businesses, supporting the people we encounter, embracing community, and recognizing that each day is a gift however it is packaged.

Many blessings and a Happy New Year to all.

Take a journey through some of our key milestones and achievements as we celebrate 30 great years in business.