Essential Web Design, SEO and UX tips and tricks

1. Parallax

One of the interesting and modern elements of the web is parallax these days. Parallaxes are very effective, beautiful, compact and complete about your information in the same cut of the page that makes good User Experience for viewers.



2. Responsive sliders

Because nowadays google focuses on the mobile-first design we found that slider should be in mobile with a different style to have more readability on mobile. Some websites just show exact slider in mobile or disable it which is bad for viewers and SEO.



3. The strongest slider at first look

It only takes 0.05 seconds for a visitor to decide to leave your website. Therefore, the first impression is very important, and you have to keep them on your homepage!

It’s important to include high-quality imagery, good typography, and to be cohesive in your design. Clutter will only detract a visitor and force them to click out of your site.

Make sure that you have at least three different sliders but keep it simple, fun with the different transitions between slides and have timing animation on each slide to make it attractive for your audiences.



4. Responsive web design

It truly important for users to have awesome experience in mobile, and the Google index the websites based on mobile.

Best example:


5. Valuable Calls to Action

Things like email subscription forms, Call us, free downloadable eBooks or whitepapers, free product forms, free consultations, or other invites are great calls to action (CTAs).

Also having at least one button in the header is recommended. For example, the Buy Now button or Contact us or Help is the good samples for that.


6. High-Quality Product Videos

As video marketing continues to grow more and more popular among both B2C and B2B businesses, many companies have started adding product videos and other company feature videos to their website.

According to research published on Inc., 92 percent of B2B customers watch online videos, and 43 percent watch online videos when researching services and products for their business. Videos really can impact the decision-making process.


7. SEO-Boosting Elements

Design tricks like meta tags, title tags, heading tags, and other HTML coding go a long way in helping your site climb the ranks of Google’s search engine.
Make sure you fill out, tweak, and optimize these elements so they are relevant to your site and improve your search ranking.

Best example:


8. Semi-Flat Design

In 2013 Apple fundamentally shifted to flat design. Simply put, flat design is any element that does not include or give the perception of three dimensions, such as shadows. Not only is flat design is easier for users to comprehend, but it can also load more quickly on websites without complicated or overly-technical elements.
Following in Apple’s footsteps, many other organizations — both large and small — have shifted to flat design. However, company’s like Uber have put their own spin on the style by adding subtle shadows and dimensions. As you can see in the image below, the boxes have an element of depth with shadows around them.


9. SVG graphics

SVG graphics or Scalable Vector Graphics are a designer’s main tools these days. They amp up any website to be far more than what it can be. These graphics make the website come to life. You never lose quality on SVG pictures and this format is very responsive.


10. Minimal Design (

Minimal design is an essential element of modern website design. Lesser the components, better the website. This structure can be implemented in any style of the website.
It is important since it helps to create more clarity and focus for the users of the website. It helps them stay focused on the relevant content and makes navigation simpler and easier.
Even the less tends to appear more with minimal design. Balancing the different components increases the concentration of the user, hence leading towards more conversion.
The apple product page for the iPad can be a great example of minimal design. Check how you can use minimal texts and images in your design and still attract buyers.