Eight Signs It’s Time For A New Website

1) You haven’t updated your website within the last 3-5 years

Web design trends change rapidly, and if your website is a few years old it may already look outdated.

Websites are constantly evolving with new user experiences and clean designs. If you think your website is a cluttered mess, chances are your visitors will think the same way and it’s time for a refresh.

2) Your site is non-responsive

If your website isn’t responsive for mobile and tablets, it’s time for a refresh. Not only will your site look and function better on mobile devices, but your search ranking in major search engines will also get a boost since they now look for that sort of thing in a website. No one wants to pinch and zoom a screen, they want to get to their content and have it display nicely too.

3) You still have flash videos or intros on your site

If you’re still working with Flash, it is definitely time to consider a new website. A lot of mobile devices don’t support Flash anymore, and there are much simpler and cleaner ways to display your animations and content.

4) Your site is promoting services you don’t offer anymore

Your website should be a complete representation of you. This is of utmost importance and requires clean, consistent branding throughout. Most potential clients will visit your website before they call or email you. If your representation hasn’t been updated, you could lose potential clients due to not having the correct information or services.

5) Your site resolution is low (800px)

If your site fits in a small box in the center of most browsers, it is a telling sign that you need to update and refresh your site. If your website is lacking the maintenance it requires, visitors to your site will doubt the quality of service you can provide them.

6) You aren’t appearing in search results

This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to update or refresh your whole site but there are a couple of factors you need to consider. Your SEO needs to be constantly monitored to achieve your desired search results. Also, your site will rank better now if it is responsive and filled with targeted content and not just images.

7) Your site isn’t user friendly

If users have to dig through layers of menus to reach the information they require, it may be time for a refresh. Most users that surf today want to get to information right away. If they have to dig through multiple layers, they will have a hard time finding what they need and will subsequently leave your site. Having your navigation and information organized and easy to use is a much more pleasurable experience for the end user.

8) What are your competitors doing?

If your competitors have shiny new websites and yours looks outdated, potential clients will gravitate away from yours. Consumers want to see a website that showcases who a company is through their branding and style. Your website is an extension of your company.

Can visitors to your website get an idea of who you are and how you operate? If you can’t say yes to these points, it’s time for an update.


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