Creativity is a process that starts with an idea.

From thought – to internationally-recognized campaigns that benefit community.

The creative mind never really stops and is fueled by experiences and impressions along the way. In the development of campaigns that set the pace for unique creative that educates, enlists and engages; there is a process that puts a strategic path to an idea and takes it forward.

At DMG and in marketing, before an idea or concept is put to paper there are multiple influencers on creating an award-winning campaign. Although the aha moment can happen while at a baseball game,driving down the freeway or even in the shower, the seeds for innovation start with a tactical plan.

Perception, Idea, Research, Understanding, Transformation and Presentation is our 6 step process that fuels creativity. “Yours for the Dreaming”© has been the basis for the creative process time and time again at DMG.

Yours for the Dreaming is a philosophy and process of creativity, expressed through a children’s book,educational kit, teacher’s manual, Art Cart, Centre of Innovation and a variety of creative workshops for all ages and corporate cultures.

Thinking creatively teaches us to use critical evaluation and strategic planning that can be used in every aspect of our lives; building relationships, overcoming trials, working towards wellness, and strengthening our spirit. It is a useful tool when we address issues and challenges. Applying this in progressive steps allows us to track our progress and to draw on this knowledge ongoing.

“As an artist, from as early as I can remember, I have always looked past the obvious. Having the ability to see beyond the lines has opened many doors and windows for me. It allowed me to fly with a creative spirit, free to explore any opportunity or challenge that stood before me. Art has always been a way to express my emotions and has been the tool I have used throughout my most joyous and saddest times.”

Kay Douglas: author “Yours for the Dreaming”

The collection of thought is fueled by the homework and critical path that includes a clear understanding of the task at hand, research that profiles positioning and the transformation of the idea into the presentation.

As creative folk we know that the creative mind carries all the background and research visually and picks up clues and images without boundaries to spark concept. Keep your eyes open and always be ready to see the message, image or how the vision relates to real life and real people. The more we can communicate on a level that is relationship-based, the more likely we will move a message and affect change.

Keep seeing the possibilities that are endless, set a big goal and imagine it real!

Kay Douglas
Douglas Marketing Group