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Creativity Can’t be Contained: Douglas Marketing Group collaborates with Detroit and Windsor partners to create online resource of stay-home activities for families and communities

Yours for the Dreaming website comes just in time for school’s end
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Detroit/Windsor, Ontario –May 29, 2020– Douglas Marketing Group (DMG), a relationship-based marketing firm with offices in the U.S. and Canada, joined its cross-border collaborative spirit with business and community partners on both sides of the border to design a website that connects families and friends using resources and activities that address the ‘new normal’ stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. The effort, titled Yours for the Dreaming, is the brainchild of DMG founder Kay Douglas and involved input from the Children’s Foundation of Michigan, Canadian Mental Health Association, Windsor Essex County, Windsor-based Families First, Yours for the Dreaming, Douglas Marketing Group and Troy, Michigan-based wealth advisor, Jim Smallegan. DMG created the concept/creative strategy, aligned the partners, and built the website.

Leading with the message, ‘Creativity can’t be contained,’ the website address is and was launched on May 29. It features activities ranging from simple coloring sheets to tips for staying well. Douglas explained the genesis of the website’s formation. “Our team and partners in this project know the value of keeping our imaginations open for creativity and innovation. Imagination is the one place that cannot be dictated and does not have to conform to boundaries,” Douglas said. “Launching the website now recognizes the need for additional activities in the home as we end the school year and approach a summer that may have limitations physically.”

The site provides activities and a forum to share creativity and ideas in stories, submissions of work and a vision that includes a future brimming with opportunities. It will be cross promoted by all partners, and on social media platforms and through other online outreach. Use #stayhomeactivities to tag creations.

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