Amazon-Detroit-Windsor Collaboration

Amazon and a Detroit-Windsor collaboration is a win for everyone on both sides of the border.

Smart choice, busiest border crossing, amazing people, this collaboration will set the pace for future collaborations. If the powers that be are entertaining the concept, we are on our way to really leveraging the packaging our international region on multiple levels. Our unique offerings, targeted with all the reasons why Windsor-Detroit is the best choice for Amazon to call this region home and the best place to do business, live, and reach an international marketplace. From Epic tours of the wine region to collective strategies for healthcare innovation we have distinct features that spell an attractive proposition.

Detroit and Windsor present a diverse offering on both sides. The advancement of the region, expanded border crossing options and a general renewal make Detroit a hot choice and Windsor a great partner to extend the appeal of the offering.

Not only does Windsor have the best view, front row seat, to the potential for growth but both sides are looking at a great partner for success!

Go team Detroit-Windsor!