When to Recruit a Marketing Agency

     Avoid these common mistakes and recruit a marketing agency that will guide you to success before you run into an issue.  The right strategy plan at the right time will save you time and money in the long run. A good marketing agency accomplishes your goals as an extension of your team by looking at the big picture. It’s vital to the growth of a company to develop a solid strategic marketing plan that establishes powerful brand identity in the marketplace.  In today’s fast paced world, you need a team to manage your marketing needs and stay ahead, working with an agency that will create excitement, new innovative ideas, creativity that grows business, and stays ahead of the competition is the right direction.  Enlisting a marketing agency before crisis time is beneficial to help set up goals and execute impactful programs that require time and thoughtful planning. Marketers will ask the right questions, collaborate with key team members, and establish a working relationship that results in a solid plan and cohesive messaging.  In no time everyone will be speaking the same language with consistency. 

1. Brand Guide:

Invest in a brand guide to help you generate consistent messaging and avoid confusion, you will align on clear communications through the company and with consumers.  This platform enables you to get started with a strong vision for your marketing strategy to start rolling out.

2. Product Launch:

New product launch coming up, you want to connect with an agency well in advance.  Allow plenty of time to brainstorm and create a plan that may involve months to execute. Creating a project around trends, big ideas and maximum exposure, will require the right tools and resources. 

3. Content Refresh:

Brand tired and need a refresh?  Enlist in an agency to attain feedback about your brand.  Take that feedback and turn it into a constructive process on refreshing your brand and get that flow of excitement back. Recruiting an agency for a brand refresh will generate fresh, trendy, and creative ideas you may never have thought about. 

4. Update Your Website:

In this world of fast-moving technology, competitors will get ahead quickly.  This is the base of your online traffic to connect to your brand.  Consumers are savvy these days and one look will grab their attention or cause them to move on. Recruiting an agency with web experience will not only help you redesign a site that works for you, they will be able to set up a plan from the start that can move to phases in the future. Agency’s will also capture the analytics needed to monitor and managing optimal metrics in advance from the start date. 

5. Social Media Strategy:

Social media is enough to make anyone’s head spin! It’s not only daunting but time consuming, it’s impossible to keep up with all the platforms, trends, content, images and likes!  An agency will set goals, create a calendar, narrow down what social channels you need to be on.  This is worth investing into in the beginning, so you have clear messaging you’re engaging with to create a following that drives a demand for your product.


Let marketers do the heavy lifting with the tools they have on hand so you can focus on your business!