Douglas Marketing Group Launches Innovative Approach to Technology-Driven Communications

Douglas Marketing Group (DMG), an international marketing and communications firm with a 25-year history of award-winning creative initiatives, is pleased to launch customized emojis, developed to expand corporate brands to the online and mobile marketplace.

“The evolution of marketing is at the speed of change and must reach our audiences where they live. Our online and programming team at DMG continues to research and develop innovative ways to speak to targeted audiences while expanding brand reach,” says President Kay Douglas.

DMoGees are online accessible emojis that can link into email platforms and are designed to extend messaging and create branding tailored for web-based communication. The customized emails with stylized signatures allowing for multiple touchpoints of messaging and culture were developed as part of a growing online division of research and development.

DMoGees represent the personality of the corporation and provide a palette to stylize product and service offerings in a playful, iconic format that allows for memorable presentation. DMG captures their client’s personality to develop images that will set them apart from competitors. DMoGees engage customers and new business prospects in a fresh and creative way. In addition, potential hires will get a sense of the corporate culture they may be joining, giving DMG clients the edge in attracting leading talent.

Building brand stories in Detroit –Windsor has set the stage for this advancement in software development to create online brand centers positioning companies to franchise, license and most importantly optimize return on investment. Setting a new normal in how DMG approaches messaging requires innovation, technology, programming, creativity and a solid online-offline strategy. The development of customized online tools adds a unique offering for clients providing others a glimpse behind the curtain into operations.

To read the full press release click the “DMoGees” below!

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