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New Programmer joins Douglas Marketing Group as Web Developer

Douglas Marketing Group (DMG), an international marketing and communications firm with a 29-year+ history of award-winning creative initiatives for BtoB and BtoC clients, is pleased to announce that Shahin Zanbaghi, a 27-year-old software engineer with over 4 years of experience in programing and networking, has joined the firm as web developer. Shahin comes to DMG from St. Clair College, where he studied Networking.
Shahin built his career at Tabriz University. He is a developer, designer and programmer with experience working with many IT projects. Shahin is proficient in Web Developing and Designing. Promoting and communicating new idea and creating process improvements are central to everything he does. He cares deeply about creating world-class, useful and beautiful digital products that help people and make a difference.
Shahin is a resident of the Windsor, ON.
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